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  • Core: ‘Low budget, quality materials, and professional services.’

  • A standard project management concept achieved by combining its long years of construction practice, F&Y has established a construction management system with precision norms.

  • Since its establishment, F&Y has been renowned for its excellent engineering quality and strict management practices within the Chinese decoration industry in the UK.

  • The company has become the veritable ‘Leader in decoration’ in the industry.


  • Professional: Boasts several professional construction teams, who have rich experience in the UK.

  • Management: Safe construction practices and modernised construction management. Focus on the reinforcement of the construction team’s collective strength.

  • Low price: Offer being transparency to customers, thus freeing them from effort and worry; guarantee in material quality and no jerry-build.

  • Integration: Provide integrated services such as carpentry, electricity and electrical wiring, water, gas, fuel gas, central heating and boiler services, plumbing, alarm systems and CCTV and others.

  • Service: Eliminate the blind spots for customers relating to design and construction, and communicate with customers in a timely manner during construction, .which ensures a transparent and positive experience.


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