With nearly 20 years of design experience he has undertaken a number of large and small construction projects. He is able to provide demo drawings, planning drawings and application drawings for customers. Representative works are include: the Global Switch Project in London, new-build church in Netherton, West Midlands, Thai Palace Restaurant, Mansfield, Big Work Restaurant.


Chunhui Hua

Chartered Engineer 

Simon Ken Mon, Tong

Architectural Designer, Project Architect

Has rich experience in the design and supervision of various residential, commercial and industrial projects. The projects he has participated in include construction, alterations and renovations. He specializes in the design of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and timber, and boasts extensive experience in the design of traditional pillars, the refurbishment or renovation of pile foundations and the design of basements.

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We provide the most appropriate design for each customer tailored to his or her actual needs and wants. Presenting the best work with the most common material is to offer a decoration programme which is both economical and effective to customers. We have the heartfelt conviction that only the work that leaves a customer completely satisfied can be called a masterpiece.

  • Qualified: We have veteran British interior designers, architects, circuit engineers, gas engineers and fire engineers.

  • Professional: We boast many years of professional experience and successful projects in in the UK.

  • Tailor-made: An exclusive design is tailored to the customers, so our customers needs and wants can be fulfilled.


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